Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff The Lady Chapel

17th May 2013

I went  to Cardiff to see the Pre Raphaelite treasures. The Cathedral is just magnificent.

The cathedral stands on one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain. The only remaining part of the original cathedral is the Celtic cross which now stands near the door of the Chapter House.

Norman Bishop Urban began building the present cathedral in 1120. The present west front was built about 1220 and the cathedral including the Lady Chapel was completed 60 years later.

the lady chapel

lady chapel 2

In 1734 restoration work began but was never completed. After another 100 years fresh restoration was started by John Prichard and J P Seddon. The impressive tower and spire was designed by John Prichard and completed in 1869.


The Crucifixion window (1906), below, was designed by J S Sparrow and is a dark window with dense and dramatic colours.

crucifixion window

It was J P Seddon who brought the Pre Raphaelites to Llandaff.