Love Among The Ruins

10th March 2014


Edward Burne Jones’  original version of the painting, Love Among The Ruins  was auctioned in July 2013.  It was last auctioned in 1958 and sold for 480 guineas, (approximately £500).  It sold for $22 million, approx £15 million .

Burne Jones worked on the painting for three years.  It was first exhibited in Dudley Gallery in 1873. The painting was in great demand and was exhibited at the opening of Birmingham Art Gallery in 1885–86.

I have always loved this painting.  Another version,  (which Edward Burne Jones painted in 1894),  hangs in the grand parlour at  Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton.  The painting is just beautiful.   The entwined couple,  the detailed representation of the stonework and briar roses, wonderful!


Wolverhampton-20111021-00081Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton.