Making Our Own Sushi

14th September 2015

One of my favourite foods has always been sushi, offer me any type of sushi roll and I am there. I decided to therefore try my hand at making my own vegetable sushi rolls, and I was rather happy with the result!

These are all the items you will need:


A bamboo rolling mat, covered in cling film (so the rice doesn’t stick to the wood making you unable to reuse it)

Sushi nori

Any fillings you desire for the inside of the roll

Sushi rice, cooked, and then seasoned with sushi vinegar

Our William Morris Golden Lily tea towel to protect your work surface from the hot pan.

  1. Using your hands, take the rice and push it down into the nori, packing it in tightly but not too thick, leaving about 1.5 inch at the top of the nori (this means it will have something to stick to so your roll will hold together)

2. Taking your filling, place it from one side of the nori to the other in a thin layer

3. Take the bamboo mat at the closest part to you, and roll away from your body. Make sure you’re applying pressure whilst doing this so the rice will compress and hold together. You will have to keep lifting the mat off the roll and then beginning a new roll, until the entire roll is rolled.

4. Now you have one long piece of sushi, cut it down the middle with a sharp knife. Place the two rolls together side by side and cut again so you have 4 even pieces. Repeat until you have the desired number of pieces or width for your roll.

5. Serve with Soy Sauce and enjoy!