Marc Jacobs and William Morris!

27th August 2015

Over the past few months, William Morris can be seen more and more throughout different fashions, in different shops and brands. TopShop recently released a skirt with a Morris print on, and Marc Jacobs have many items with Acanthus and Strawberry Thief on, shown below, all available on the Marc Jacobs website. The fact such big fashion houses use the designs show just how timeless they are, Strawberry Thief, for example was first designed by Morris in 1883- 132 years later, and his designs transcend the years and stay relevant, and fashionable today.

We sell Strawberry Thief in two colour ways, blue and red, our favourite items from the collections can be seen below:

LB 44

Strawberry Thief Red long handled, zip top tote bag, with inner pocket- a great everyday bag!


Strawberry Thief Blue tablecloths- we do these in cotton and in PVC coated fabrics, brightening up any kitchen or dining room!


If you’re as into the Great British Bakeoff as we are, you may be attempting to bake along to their creations- if this is the case, you will definitely need a PVC coated, or cotton drill apron- we have both fabrics in a range of designs!