Morris Fabric Crafts

16th September 2020

One of our favourite things to do is see the wonderful crafts you create out of our William Morris fabric. There seems to be an unending amount of creativity shown when it comes to the fabric’s uses! If you do create something from our fabric, we’d love to see, please send us your photos to: laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com and we’ll send you a 20% discount code for your next order on our website.

A Willow Bough Shed

William Morris craft shed

Has there every been a more chic shed? Heather sent us this photo of her garden shed, using our Willow Bough Green fabric in the windows. We love how it looks, matching in so well with the colour of the shed.

Strawberry Thief Stool

Hannah sent us these lovely photos of her Strawberry Thief stool project. She wrote, “thank you so much for your fabric it’s beautiful – I was only planning on reupholstering a stool but got a bit carried away! My mask gets me compliments everywhere I go.” Thank you for sending us the fabulous photos Hannah, glad you like our fabrics.

Willow Bough Green Bag

This bag, made as a present is sure to make anyone’s day. Sue sent us this photo along with a lovely note. “Loved your William Morris  Fabrics.My next door neighbour told me how she loved your Willow Boughs Green.I went looking on the internet and was so pleased to see you sold small amounts.Your service is a breath of fresh air, thanks. I surprised her with the bag I made, she was so happy. Beautiful fabric to see with.”

Willow Bough Blue Curtains

These wonderful Willow Bough Blue curtains were made by Izzy during lockdown. Izzy’s brother liked the curtains so much he wants them for his kitchen – just what we like to hear, spreading the word of fabulous William Morris fabric!

Strawberry Thief Chairs

Angela sent us this photo of her up cycled kitchen chairs. Her first reupholstering project, but you’d never have known, they look wonderful. With plans for covering a shoe cabinet, we can’t wait to see Angela’s next project!

Compton Storage Chest

Susan sent us this photo of her up cycling project. Using an old storage chest, you can see the new lease of life she’s given it – how brilliant! Because of the wonderful craftsmanship, it’s great that it can be up cycled, without losing any of it’s beauty.
Sarah sent us this photo of her project, a bag made using our William Morris Strawberry Thief fabric in blue. She mentioned she was “so pleased with my purchase” and we’re so please and so happy to see your project!
Thank you to everyone who sent us photos this month using our fabric! You can always tag us in your photos on Instagram too, we’re always happy to see your photos!