Nathaniel Hitch (1845 -1938)

29th July 2013


Nathaniel Hitch was an extremely talented and highly regarded Arts and Crafts  sculptor who was influenced by William Morris.  Hitch worked on at least ten British cathedrals, including Canterbury and Lincoln Cathedrals and Westminster Abbey.   Hitch also created work for cathedrals overseas including the cathedrals in Sydney and Washington DC, USA.

Hitch was apprenticed from boyhood to architectural sculptors,  Farmer & Brindley in London.  Farmer & Brindley produced  art metalwork and architectural furnishings in wood, stone and metal.  The eminent architects Hitch worked for included Alfred Waterhouse and Sir Gilbert Scott (who gave Hitch a great deal of freedom in his interpretation of the designs).

Farmer & Brindley projects that Hitch worked on also included: the Natural History Museum,  (which later became the V & A) and the Albert Memorial. After leaving Farmer & Brindley,  Nathaniel Hitch worked with the sculptor Thomas Nicholls on Cardiff Castle with the architect, William Burges, who oversaw the renovations and redesigning of the castle.  Hitch also carried out a great deal of work for the celebrated architect John Loughborough Pearson.



Cardiff Castle