Our Collection of William Morris Tea Towels

4th November 2020

We wanted to give you a closer look at our collection of William Morris tea towels. A necessary kitchen accessory, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! All printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, made using 100% cotton.

Spending so much time at home in 2020, it’s easy to pick up on things that might need some TLC. By changing some of the soft furnishings, its so easy to make a space feel completely different. All our William Morris fabrics give that pop of colour and bring nature indoors. Whatever your colour scheme, you can check out our entire William Morris range to find a colour and design that will work in your space.

From left to right here, we have William Morris: Eyebright, Strawberry Thief Blue, Willow Bough Blue, Golden Lily, Pimpernel Green.


Eyebright was designed in 1883, originally as a lining fabric, we’re so glad that it wasn’t reserved just for a lining, it’s far too beautiful! The fabric was printed using a technique called the Indio dye-method at Merton Abbey, this is perfect to add in that blue and white colour scheme.

Strawberry Thief 

Strawberry Thief is one of our all time favourites. Not only is the design so beautiful, but the story behind it is so personal to Morris. The design was inspired by William Morris’s observation of the thrushes under the strawberry nets at his home, Kelmscott Manor. May Morris is known for retelling how the groundskeeper would be angry at them, but Morris made sure no harm came to them and simply watched them feast.

Willow Bough

You can almost hear the wind rush through the willow bough tree with this one. First designed in 1887, it was first produced as a wallpaper design. William’s daughter, May Morris used to decorate her bedroom. That was before it was adapted for fabric in 1895 when it was block printed in Merton Abbey.

Golden Lily

Golden Lily remains one of our best selling and favourite licensed William Morris designs. It’s beautiful with intertwining tulips, lilies and leaves.  Because the colours within it really pop, every time we look at it, it’s got different colours that stand out to us!

Pimpernel Green

This Licensed William Morris design was first produced in 1876, the design is named after the small pimpernel flowers rather than the large poppies that dominate it. We also have Pimpernel in a cream colour way if that suits your aesthetic better.

If you purchase one of our William Morris tea towels (or any other of our products and fabrics!) we’d love to see. Just send us an email at laurasbeaufabrics@gmail.com or tag us on Instagram!