Re-Vamp your kitchen, with no decorating costs!

23rd July 2014

Sometimes, you get get sick and tired of the decor around your house and want an update. This is particularly common (for us anyway!) in the kitchen due to the amount of time you spend in there cooking and eating.

We are offering our blog readers a 10% discount and free postage with the code ‘ Decorate10 ‘ just enter the code at the check out (web site orders only) to help you out with your re-vamp!

Our key decorating pieces…


A table cloth is a first step to brighten up the room. Our favorite currently is our ‘Ribbons & Roses’ design from our late 1800 early 1900 French archive. The pink, green and cream colours ┬áin the pattern freshen and brighten up any room. You could also accessorize this with the matching napkins and place mats for a chic feel to any kitchen.

lauras beau-105034

Our ‘Fleur’ French design is perfect if you have a blue or white kitchen to perfectly tie in this design. The contrasting place mats and the napkins look great against the design. The design looks clean and you can clearly see the inspiration behind it- a French grand country house.


This apron is great to wear whilst cooking/baking as it is made from PVC /wipe clean fabric which means any spills you have can be wiped off so you don’t ruin it! This design is called Mallow Blue, one of our licensed William Morris designs.


A tea towel freshens up any room, hanging over an oven door or draped across an aga drying rail. We have lots of designs so check out which one is your favorite!

What is your favorite piece of ours to liven up a room?