Red House

11th July 2014

On a recent visit to Red House, we took some lovely photos we would like to share with you.

Red House was the house built for William MorrisĀ  and his new wife Jane. Morris discussed plans for the house with Philip Webb and Charles Faulkner on a trip down the Seine in 1858. Morris wanted a house which was unlike the Victorian architecture fashionable at the time, he wanted a more medieval design.



Morris was a lover of the countryside, and so the location was perfect, with the house placed in Upton countryside, as you can see from the photos the setting is as beautiful today as it must have been then.

Many of Morris’ close friends helped to design and decorate the house, for example Edward Burne- Jones decorated the cupboards in the hall, and the stain glass windows were done by both Burne-Jones and Morris himself.


It is claimed that it was after Morris decorated the interior of this house that his interior design career truly began.

photo 5photo 3

The garden is beautiful and made me think of Lily which we licence and sell via our online shop.


The house is well worth a visit, if you are a William Morris or Arts and Crafts enthusiast, or you want to appreciate the English countryside with a stunning Arts and Crafts house!