Richard “Dickie” Doyle,Victorian illustrator

6th November 2013

Richard “Dickie” Doyle (1824-83)  was a prolific Victorian illustrator.  Doyle famously illustrated many children books.  Doyle illustrated works for Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray and he also illustrated The King of the Golden River (published 1851), for John Ruskin, William Morris’s close friend and inspiration.

Doyle was a close friend of PreRaphaelite painters William Holman Hunt, JE Millais and  Dante Gabriel Rossetti and was a popular society figure who was known to be very amusing company.  Doyle produced very many satirical cartoons for Punch Magazine.


Richard Dickie Doyle 2

R. Doyle, Hyghest Court of Law in  ye Kingdom.  Ye Lords hearing Appeals.

From Manners and Customs of ye Englysche, 1849