Stained Glass in St Margaret’s Church Ilkley

29th October 2013


Aside from the Edward Burne Jones and William Morris windows,  most of the other stained glass in St Margaret’s is by James Powell and Sons.   The company was also known as Whitefriars Glass, and their windows embellished many important buildings in Britain and overseas.

whitefriers glass

Whitefriars played a leading role in the development of new technologies and processes which allowed a more luminous range of coloured glass and yet suggested a  “medieval” quality.  As such, they were arguably the most important stained glass manufacturers of their  time.

window from ilkley

Whitefriars not only manufactured stained glass windows but also supplied glass to other firms.  Whitefriars was closely associated with leading Arts and Crafts designers such as Edward Burne Jones and William De Morgan. The designs that architect Philip Webb made for William Morris were also manufactured by Whitefriars.