The National Museum, Cardiff

15th May 2013

I recently visited The National Museum in Cardiff, and proceeded up the magnificent marble staircase to gallery six which contains the Art in Victorian Britain exhibition.

There were so many wonderful paintings on display, including works by  Pre raphaelite artists.  The exhibition included John Everett Millais’ Jephthah; Edward Burne Jones’ Perseus and the Graiae; Rosamund by both John Williams Waterhouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Frederick Sandys’ Queen Eleanor.

One of the glass cabinets contained a bowl by William Morris’s close associate, William De Morgan, (dated circa 1881), which had a wonderful lustre glaze with sunflowers.

Within the same cabinet was the most beautiful goblet designed by William Burges. The goblet had been made in 1870-1871 and was owned by Burges. The silver partly- gilded goblet had enamel and semi precious stones set around the centre, with a trail of flowers and nine main precious stones which had been carved with various scenes.

Next to the goblet was a common prayer book with a binding created by William Burges for politician and architetual pundit, Sir Alexander James Beresford Hope, (who was one of Burges’ main patrons).