The Nursery at Wallington

24th June 2015

The Nursery at Wallington is decorated with William Morris honeysuckle wallpaper which had been put on the walls in the 1960’s.


The collection of toys is just lovely, with an old rocking horse being my favourite!



Before I came to Wallington I had heard of their collection of dolls houses and there are some really old ones, they are delightful to see!


The dolls house below was found in an attic in York and the National Trust bought it at auction for £400.


It is thought to be from 1885 – 1895 with some additions from 1901 – 1911, I love the house came with all its contents which had been added to through the years.


The house has been named the Hammond House, and although the original owner wished to be anonymous there were clues with a towel being embroidered with Ruby Hammond and also written on a book. It is a really delightful house and just wonderful to peep into the windows!