Which William Morris fabric weight should I use?

9th February 2021

One of our most commonly asked questions remains which William Morris fabric weight should I use in my project? Often, because it’s up to individuals opinions, it just depends which weight they like and also which they like to work with if they’re crafting. Other times, there’s a clear winner. Hopefully this blog will help you to decide and remember, if you’re within the United Kingdom and would like to see the fabric before you make a purchase, let us know. We’d be happy to send you a sample so you can order once you’ve seen your options. We want everyone to be happy with their licensed William Morris fabric after all!

Also, importantly, all our fabric is printed in the United Kingdom. All our William Morris designs are licensed and printed both size and colour-wise to our own specifications to best suit our products.

100% cotton fabric

Starting with 100% cotton, we won’t list its uses as it’s pretty varied. There’s a lot you can create from cotton fabric, we personally use our cotton fabric to manufacture into a few of our Morris products including our tablecloths. These are manufactured in the United Kingdom. The cotton fabric is suitable for things such as dress making, quilting and curtains.

Heavyweight 100% cotton fabric

Our heavyweight cotton is, as it says on the tin, a heavier weight and weave than the cotton. You can see the weave within the fabric as you can see in the pictures. The fabric is perfect for light upholstery and also, curtains. We usually say as a general rule, the cotton with a lining is good for a smaller reason, the heavyweight fabric is a great option for a bigger curtain.

Cotton drill fabric

The cotton drill is not as well known as our other fabric options. We have cotton drill fabric in a smaller range of William Morris designs than in cotton and heavyweight. It’s a durable fabric which rivals the heavyweight. You can tell the difference easily by the weave of the fabric, you can see on the picture that the drill fabric has lines running along the weave. This again much like heavyweight is good for projects such as light upholstery and we use it for some of our aprons.

Pvc oilcloth fabric

We also have a pvc fabric option. Oilcloth is great as a tablecloth because you can wipe it clean after a meal and it’s less hassle than washing a tablecloth. As with the other fabrics, it’s rather versatile, we even made a dog coat out of pvc fabric a few weeks ago because the oilcloth means the water would run off the dogs back to keep him dry.

There’s no limit to what you can create with our fabric. It’s always great fun for us to see what everyone is making from our fabric! If you’d like to see what our fabric can create, we always share these on social media and on our blog if you’d like some inspiration. We’d love if you sent us a picture of what you’ve made, email us laurasbeaufabrics@gmail.com and we will send you a 20% discount code off your next order so we can feature your pictures online and inspire others!

Want a sample? Email us your details and which fabric design and weight you’d like to see to sales@laurasbeau.co.uk and we will get back to you to sort that out for you. Any questions, let us know!