Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton

29th October 2014

Built in 1887,  the  house was designed by architect Edward Ould (1852-1909), who specialised in the “old English “style of buildings. In 1893,  Ould built the east wing which is in the style of a late medieval manor house.

The house looks wonderful,.  Ould was heavily influenced by John Ruskin and throughout the house this can be seen in the craftsmanship of the building. The plasterwork is by Leonard Shuffrey,  the stained glass is by Charles Kempe.

If Wightwick Manor were simply an empty building,  it still would be fantastic,  but the Manders family (who built and owned the house) filled it with PreRaphaelite  treasures. There are paintings by Edward Burne Jones, Dante Gabrielle Rosetti, J.E Millais,  William Holman Hunt and Ford Maddox Brown. There are tiles by William De Morgan. The furnishings, wallpapers and fabrics are originals from  Morris & Co.

Wightwick Manor is one of  THE places to go to see PreRaphaelite treasures in the most wonderful setting.  The only problem is – you just wish you could move in!

Wightwick Manor was presented to the National Trust in 1937

wightwick manor