William Morris Easter Trees Craft

27th March 2021

We’ve spoken on our social media about how we’re making a more conscious decision to make a celebration out of every event. From wax sealing our birthday cards to make them that little bit more special, to going all out to decorating the house for every occasion. For Easter, we’ve decided to go all out and decorate! Spending a little more time on Pinterest than usual, we introduce to you.. the Easter tree…

An Easter Tree

Now, remembering the humble Christmas tree, we introduce the less festive, more spring like.. Easter tree. Fill with your favourite Easter pastel decorations and you’ve got yourself an Easter extravaganza. Not to make it too Christmas-like, we didn’t want to put lights on the tree, but you could absolutely add these in just to go all out!

Adding Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies and so on, it’s a fun way to add every cute Easter themed thing onto one tree.

A Tree Skirt

At the bottom of the tree, spy our tree skirt. We chose our William Morris Lily to use for the skirt as it’s such a light, fresh, Spring pattern. The wildflowers really add the Spring touch that we wanted for the Easter Tree, but of course could be used all year round.

We used a contrasting plain fabric so that we could make cute rabbit cut outs which are appliqu├ęd on. We considered pom pom tails on them too, what do you think? These are made in our William Morris Willow Bough fabric, which contrasts nicely but not jarringly, with the Lily.

This is the tree skirt all together. A little larger than we’d set out to create, but sometimes projects like this have a complete life of their own! We like it so much we’re considering one for Christmas. Perhaps in Brother Rabbit red or Mallow. Both would look absolutely beautiful!

We hope you also noticed our little Easter gift baskets. We’re writing a blog on creating your own storage box, so check that blog out to make your own. It’s a great gift box but also really functional for storage and so on. We added a cute pom pom on that one! The basket is lined with Willow Bough green, perfect for gifting Easter eggs!

We hope you like our Easter tree, keep tuned to see what other Pinterest craft ideas we create!