William Morris Fabric; DIY Frame Wall

17th September 2018

We’ve got that pep in our step as we move into the Autumn months and as the sun begins to fade, we always get a bit of an itch to do something different with our interior design. Whenever Autumn/ Winter rolls round, we do naturally find ourselves staying in just a little bit more, swapping evenings out in the park with a picnic with a night in with cosy cocktails and film nights. This means that we’re inviting people over more which is when, suddenly it hits us that we need to spruce the place up a little. 

So, we’ve hit the ground running, swapping out household textiles in the kitchen – the tablecloth, oven gloves and tea towels hanging over the oven and are even considering changing the curtains for a different, darker pattern. 

There’s one other project we’ve currently been working on; a DIY frame wall. You’ll probably have seen similar frame walls all over Pinterest and Instagram but we just love them! We love the different sized frames all together to really transform a space and not only make it a little more special but also encourages us to get creative and mix and match patterns. We also love that they’re just framed so you can easily switch out what’s within the frames really quickly. 


With all William Morris designs, they truly are pieces of art and so we wanted to showcase them as such by framing our licensed William Morris fabrics in frames for our frame wall. We’ve photoshopped these frame walls with our own fabric so that we can decide which fabrics we like best where before we go ahead and knock some nails into the wall!

Our first frame wall has two bigger fabrics and then three small, we like that they’re all contained in one square block. The best thing about the walls is that since they’re contained in their own frames, they’re completely separate designs which are featured in their own right but also breaks up the pattern so you can have more than one pattern. Instead of being overwhelmingly patterned, it’s actually really beautiful and the colours all compliment each other.

The designs here from left to right: 

Top row: William Morris Eyebright, William Morris Willow Bough, William Morris Lily, 

Bottom row: William Morris Trellis and William Morris Brother Rabbit Red. 


This second wall is all next to each other in a straight line which would work well if you had a corridor space which needs something in a row instead of up and down which could make the narrow space feel smaller. The frames extended down the corridor will naturally draw your eye sideways and elongate the space. We’ve kept quite within the same colour palettes with this one apart from Willow Bough blue, but we think the pops of colour from the roses within Trellis and the red within Golden Lily are really allowed to shine here. 

The designs from left to right: William Morris Trellis, William Morris Willow Bough Blue, William Morris Pimpernel Green and William Morris Golden Lily. 


Our final wall is perhaps our favourite. Featuring every single one of our designs, the grey wall allows the different fabrics to really stand out. With frames both landscape and portrait, if we were to do this again, we’d probably make one or two of the frames much larger for contrast as we did in our first example. However, it’s stunning to see all the designs together and how they can all work together. We didn’t think too much about colours next to each other, in fact we quite like the fact some of them are completely different colour palettes – the light Lily design next to the darker Eyebright for instance. But, we’re so excited how it turned out – we need to get ourselves some frames so we can put this into action! The light wall is a must behind it so that nothing is too contrasting but the modern grey works well and as does the difference of frames with some portrait and some landscape. We’ve seen frame walls on Pinterest which have some variation in frames too which the majority thin gold frames with some as quite ornate and gilded which looks absolutely stunning. We do want to try this but must remember to not let the frames take over and make it all look a little too much with so much design too. 

Fabrics used:

Top row: William Morris Willow Bough, William Morris Golden Lily, William Morris Brother Rabbit red, William Morris Lily, William Morris Eyebright, William Morris Trellis, William Morris Willow Bough, William Morris Brother Rabbit blue

Middle Row: William Morris Strawberry Thief red, William Morris Lily, William Morris Pimpernel Cream, William Morris Willow Bough Green, William Morris Brother Rabbit Blue, William Morris Mallow Wine, William Morris Compton, William Morris Strawberry Thief, William Morris Pimpernel Green

Bottom Row: William Morris Compton, William Morris Mallow Wine, William Morris Strawberry Thief Blue, William Morris Golden Lily, William Morris Strawberry Thief Red, William Morris Eyebright, William Morris Willow Bough Green. 

We even repeated some of the designs – with so many frames we did repeat a few times but just spaced them apart so it’s hard to notice!

Initially, we thought the fabrics would all be a little ‘too much’ next to each other but actually, they work so well together. The best thing about it is that it can be changed from season to season to fit the colour scheme of the season or even, just when you get bored! We wanted to show how we envision changing out the designs with the below – in the Spring/Summer months we’d frame Willow Bough blue and change that to Compton for the Autumn/Winter months to give some variety and make it feel seasonal!

We sell our William Morris fabric by the half meter so it’s perfect for frames big and small! All our William Morris fabric is licensed and printed both colour and size wise to our own specification to best suit our products. If you’d like a sample, please let us know your name and address and we’d be happy to send you a sample out. 

Our full range of fabrics can be found here.

The fabric has so much more depth than printed paper so we love it so much for this type of project!

If you make your own featured frame wall from our fabric, please make sure to send us pictures on social media or by emailing it to laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com and we will send you a 20% discount code in return for your next shopping trip on our website!