William Morris Golden Lily

15th July 2015



We sell our fabrics by the half metre, so any arts and crafts projects you are wanting to under take can be in our fabric. We sell Heavy weight, Drill, Cotton and PVC fabrics to cover all of your needs! Our PVC fabric is especially popular as, if you have a very large or small table in which our tablecloths are too large or small, you can buy the fabric by the half metre to fit the table as you please. As the PVC fabric will not fray, it does not need to be hemmed or edged, and so it is a very easy way to custom your tablecloth!




Our PVC wipe clean apron is a fabulous item to look chic in the kitchen! The PVC finish means that any splashes or mess from cooking and baking will be easily wiped away, saving your clothes and you won’t have to constantly wipe stains off it!





Our tea towels are great for both their practical use, and for displaying on a stove or cooker, we like to hang ours over the rail on ours to brighten up the kitchen and bring some nice design into the room!



Our wash bags are perfect for taking on holiday, they are big enough for all your cosmetics, and the wipe clean lining means any accidental spills can be simply wiped away and not spoil the interior or leak through and clean the exterior of the bag!











Our make up bag is a great size for your handbag, you can fit many essentials in here, again it has a wipe clean lining to avoid those pesky spills! The bag is also stylish so could be kept on your vanity with all of your favourite products in!