Women and The Art Workers’ Guild

1st November 2013


The Art Workers’ Guild was founded in 1884.  William Morris joined in 1888 and became Master in 1892.  The Guild did not admit women members until 1964.   Joan Hassall (1906-1988), wood engraver, became the first woman Master in 1972.  Amongst other works, Hassall is often remembered for her wood engravings for a seven-volume edition of the novels of  Jane Austen, produced in the 1950s and 60s.

It is, perhaps, fitting then that Angela Barrett, (the celebrated illustrator, b 1955), who is a member of the Art Workers‘ Guild,  should be commissioned to design a set of commemorative stamps which celebrate Jane Austen’s work.


jane austin stamps


The stamps  published 21 february 2013