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  • Georgiana Burne-Jones

    Georgiana Burne-Jones

    Jul 23rd, 2018

    Born on the 21st July 1840, Georgiana Burne-Jones was the wife of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood artist Edward Burne-Jones. She was also the mother of the painter Philip Burne-Jones, auntie to the famous Rudyard Kipling and close friend of William Morris and George Eliot. Born Georgiana... Read More

  • William Morris Fabric Crafts

    William Morris Fabric Crafts

    Jul 22nd, 2018

    We always love seeing what our customers are creating from our fabrics – since we sell fabric by the half metre, from big to small projects, you can create anything! Remember that if you send us a photo of your project to laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com we will send you a 20% discount... Read More

  • William Morris Lily

    William Morris Lily

    Jul 15th, 2018

    Designed by William Morris in 1874, Lily is a beautiful design which incorporates the willow background with lilies and wild flowers. With clusters of lillies, bluebells, daisies and other wild flowers within it with their leaves, the Lily design really brings the English countryside... Read More